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Film and Televison

Gladise J.
2014 Foxy & Co. (TV Series)
Adira / Model
Eric Fox runs a creature-effects shop in Hollywood that employs his “Face Off” friends who, in the opener, work together to create dozens of zombies for an upcoming film Read more.
Gladise J.
Skin Wars (TV Series)
An hour-long competition show that seeks to find the most talented and versatile body painters in the country.
Gladise J.
Illegal Aliens
“Charlie’s Angels” goes sci-fi, with a touch of “Men In Black” thrown in for good measure, when three aliens morph into super-hot babes and arrive to protect Earth from the intergalactic forces of evil.
Gladise J.
East Side Story
Bianca Campos
The arrival of Anglo newcomers to an East L.A. Latino neighborhood rocks the quiet world of a handsome young local who is torn between the family restaurant and life as a big city chef.

Gladise J.
Bound by Lies
Diana Garrett
When Detecive Max Garrett is assigned to protect the sultry photographer Laura Cross from a ruthless killer, he has no idea what he’s in for. The more involved Garrett gets in the case, the more attracted he is to Cross, but as they get closer, so does the killer.
Gladise J.
General Hospital (TV Series)
Maria Sanchez
Families, friends, enemies and lovers experience life-changing events in the large upstate New York city of Port Charles, which has a busy hospital, upscale hotel, cozy diner and dangerous waterfront frequented by the criminal underworld.
Gladise J.
Las Vegas (TV Series)
Hennessy Figueroa
Welcome to the Montecito Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, where you can do anything you want... but Ed Deline and his crack surveillance team will be watching. Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...
Gladise J.
The Lyon’s Den (TV Series)
Jack Turner, plucked from his free law clinic and brought to the white shoe law firm of Lyons & Lacrosse after the mysterious death of his mentor, Dan Barrington, who ran the place. Owing it to his memory Read more.

Gladise J.
Rosalita Sanchez
Perfection Valley, Nevada is a quaint little town. The inhabitants live peaceful, tranquil lives. Most of the time. Perfection is home to Read more.
Gladise J.
Kingpin (TV Mini-Series)
Gorgeous Babe
A drug cartel leader and his family try to keep what is “rightfully” their’s.
Gladise J.
The Other Side (Short)
A woman having been abandoned on her honeymoon finds a new reason to live after befriending an exuberant but terminally ill younger woman who sets up camp next to her in the desert.
Gladise J.
The Bold and the Beautiful
(TV Series) - Carmen Arena
The saga of high fashion glamour, honor, romance, passion, and most importantly, family.

Gladise J.
Counting Days
Isabel Benitez
Dad was always there for us... Ray, a cab driver, views the world to be as lost as the passengers he picks up. Contact with his brother, Dr. Tom McCormack and father is non-existent. Read more
Gladise J.
The Young and the Restless
(TV Series) - Ramona Caceres
Set in Genoa City, Y&R is the long-running soap that tells the story of the struggle behind the business- and sex-savvy Abbott and Newman clans.
Gladise J.
Charlotte Hart-Morrel
Whitman is a psychotic religious killer who was caught by Inspector Morell a former seminarian, whose religious knowledge led to Whitman’s Read more


In Production

Gladise J.
A heartbroken artist returns to Viena after surviving a suicide mission in the trenches of War World I, to find solace with a doll in the likeness of his former lover.
Gladise J.
Roadside Attraction
When a young couple pick up a pregnant hitchhiker after robbing a casino gift shop, their getaway becomes anything but “clean”.
Gladise Jimenez

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